Paideia International Hospital is one of the top private hospitals in Rome for annual admissions. Highly-qualified staff accompany patients from admission to the delivery of medical records.

Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 7 am - 8 pm
Saturday: 7 am - 2 pm
Sunday: 9 am - 1 pm
Admissions Administration
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Admissions Desk

On the day of admission, you must report to the Admissions Desk located on the ground floor.

Admissions are open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 8 pm, Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm

You must provide the following documents for admission:

Once admitted, patients are welcomed by a team of highly-specialised nursing staff on the inpatient ward, where they will receive the first information on the diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Preparing for surgery

Paideia provides a guide on how to prepare for surgery.


Unless otherwise stated, rooms must be vacated by 9 am on the day of discharge.

Requesting medical records

To receive a certified copy of medical records, you must fill in the form found in each room and hand it in to administration. The documents will be available within 20 days of submitting the request.

A certified copy of medical records may only be delivered to the patient or to a third party with written authorisation signed by the patient (Law 675/96 on privacy).

Prior to collection, we recommend you contact the staff in charge of medical records, from 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday.

Hotel services

Paideia offers the single rooms with a sofa bed, and suites with a private lounge.

All rooms are equipped with:

Servizi Alberghieri


Visiting hours are flexible. To ensure our patients peace and quiet, we ask that you limit visits by family and friends during quiet time.

If you wish to use the laundry service, please contact the service staff.



Bar Bistrot is on the ground floor, and is open Monday to Friday 8 am — 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday 8 am — 1 pm If you wish to use room service, please contact the floor staff.



Should you wish to use the hairdressing, barber, manicure or pedicure services, please contact the service staff.



We offer a convenient laundry service for patients admitted to the hospital. We guarantee effective cleaning and care of garments during their stay. Contact us for further information and assistance.

Safety services

Emergency medical care

For patients’ safety, there is always an on-call physician at Paideia, and the laboratory, radiology and operating theatre staff are available at all times.

Emergency trolley

In all wards, there is an emergency trolley, i.e. an orange mobile device equipped with a defibrillator, oxygen, probes and all the drugs needed to respond rapidly in the case of an emergency.

Emergency fire procedures

Our staff have been properly trained in what to do in the event of a fire. Inside each hospital room, there are accident and fire safety regulations to be followed in case of emergency. We recommend that you read these regulations.

Responding to emergencies: code 444

Code 444 is an alarm that is set off in facilities to ensure an immediate response to medical emergencies and sounds throughout the entire facility, from in-patient wards to outpatient clinics, lobbies and administrative offices. Once the alarm is activated, specially-trained medical personnel respond immediately to revive the patient, with the help of an emergency trolley.


Contact us for information. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Opening hours
Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm
Saturday: 7am – 2pm
Sunday: 9am – 1pm
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