With over 95,000 check-ups per year, Paideia International Hospital is a true centre of excellence in prevention. Check-ups not only offer a full health assessment, but also provide a customised prevention programme for each patient, who is supported in the following months with our reminder service for scheduled examinations and check-ups. These procedures enable the identification of risk factors or the detection of disease in the early stages.

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Targeted clinical and diagnostic protocols, useful for confirming a suspected clinical disease or for controlling a disease that is already known to the patient.



Clinical and diagnostic protocols aimed at preventing and diagnosing the most common diseases according to gender and age.



This is a course of customised examinations based on the patient’s actual conditions, aimed at highlighting risk factors and resolving each patient’s specific problems in the most reliable and effective way.


Post Covid

The screening is for people who have been infected with Sars Cov2 with symptoms of pneumonia. A series of medical and laboratory tests and an in-depth clinical health assessment aimed primarily at checking for possible lung damage.

The culture of well-being

The check-ups designed by Paideia International Hospital aim to offer a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s health. These are primary and secondary prevention programmes that aim to give vitality to the years of good health.

Paideia has always emphasised the importance of prevention, from primary prevention by promoting a healthy lifestyle to avoiding or preventing the onset or development of a disease. The objective is therefore to act on healthy individuals. This is why Paideia offers courses on how to quit smoking or consultations with nutritionists on healthy eating.

Secondary prevention, on the other hand, aims to act prior to the onset of disease. A key tool is early diagnosis through screening and regular check-ups.

How they are structured

The check-ups focus on certain important diseases, for which early and accurate diagnosis are crucial to preventing the onset of serious illness. 

Patients can choose their course of diagnostic tests according to their gender and age, and during the check-up, they will undergo blood tests, medical tests and specialist examinations to screen for the most common diseases. In addition, Paideia Internetional Hospital offers diagnostic testing that targets specific symptoms or analyses existing diseases in more detail. A multidisciplinary team will study the course and the necessary investigations on a case-by-case basis with a focus on targeted diagnosis and treatment.

How long does a check-up take?

A check-up takes one morning and the patient is followed and accompanied throughout and at every check-up. Check-ups are undertaken in a special area of the hospital designed to ensure maximum comfort and respect for individual privacy. Patients are entrusted to an internist, who oversees the entire procedure, and who will be in constant contact with the specialists for continuous updates on the clinical results.

The procedure is concluded after about 15 days with the delivery of a detailed report by the Coordinating Physician. At the end of the check-up, patients can (upon request) meet with the overseeing physician to ask about the results of the examinations performed and, if necessary, the treatment to be followed.

Opening hours
Monday – Friday:
9 am - 3.30 pm
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Clinic screening

*Upon request: Low-dose chest CT and psychological support

Home screening

*Upon request: Low-dose chest CT and psychological support

Cardio package

To be added to one of the packages:

Home screening — Clinic screening

*Not offered separately

Online test results

You can view or download a test result directly from our portal.