Endocrine Surgery


The endocrine surgery team at Paideia International Hospital treats thyroid and parathyroid conditions that require surgery.

Surgical procedures are performed using traditional, minimally-invasive video-assisted, robot-assisted, radio-guided approaches according to current guidelines in international literature.

Paideia’s thyroid pathway performs specialist consultations with colour doppler echocardiography and diagnostic cytopathology (FNAC) sampling for early diagnosis of thyroid diseases.

The multidisciplinary pathway involving several specialists (endocrinologist, anatomopathologist, endocrine surgeon) guides each patient towards the most appropriate treatment pathway.

Services performed by the endocrine surgery department:

Procedures used:

Minimally-invasive surgery

MIVAT (Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Thyroidectomy)

This is a video-assisted minimally-invasive thyroid surgery. It is less invasiveness and involves reduced trauma to the throat and, consequently, there is less post-op pain. The less invasive nature (the incision is about 2 cm) guarantees a significantly better aesthetic result, which is especially important in the throat area.

This type of surgery is not for everyone. It is performed in about 15% of cases, on patients who meet very specific criteria: a total thyroid volume that does not exceed 25 ml, lump size that does not exceed 3.5 cm in diameter, absence of thyroiditis or of throat conditions that have already been treated.

The same technique can be used for MIVAP (Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Parathyroidectomy) surgeries.

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