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Lineaziende was set up to offer businesses a prompt and personalised prevention and health service for employees.

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Your experts in occupational medicine

Businesses can rely on Paideia’s extensive experience in the field of occupational medicine and prevention.

Special programmes, a variety of check-ups and a specialised and dedicated medical team will help to put together a control and prevention programme tailored to the needs of your organisation, whether large or small. We also provide businesses with an innovative Telemedicine service that offers the same services remotely. The Paideia Clinic also provides COVID-19 monitoring with antibody tests, finger-prick tests, rapid antigen swabs and molecular swabs to combat the spread of the virus.

Scientific evidence has shown that actions to promote and improve health of employees not only benefit the individuals but also are an effective tool to improve the health and productivity of the entire company.

In addition to the services offered

check-up aziendali

Check-ups are clinical procedures aimed at the prevention and diagnosis of the most common diseases, providing a comprehensive health assessment. They can be standard or customised and be performed either at the company or in our clinic.

welfare aziendali

Our Company Welfare programme offers a range of services and benefits such as: health services, cosmetic medicine, physiotherapy, coaching, therapy sessions, etc. These tax-deductible and non-taxable benefits help to improve business climate and employee well-being.

presidi sanitari

A medical unit within the company can serve as a proper outpatient clinic with highly qualified medical personnel. These units can provide:

  • COVID-19 triage
  • Customised plans modulated according to specific company needs
  • Telemedicine
monitoraggio covid-19

To combat the spread of COVID-19, Paideia offers customised screening procedures for companies:

  • IgG/IgM antibody tests
  • Rapid antigen swabs
  • Molecular swabs
  • Individual psychological support sessions
  • Post COVID-19 check-up

Telemedicine is the provision of outpatient services remotely, through the use of digital devices such as Apps for smart phones and tablets. In order to ensure high standards of quality and safety, we have set up an Internal Central Monitoring Unit for continuous patient control.
The services offered include:

  • Real-time telemonitoring: continuous 24-hour patient monitoring with parameter measurements and constant, direct communication with the control centre
  • Telemonitoring Light: spot monitoring of vital signs according to clinical indications.
    • Televisit: specialist outpatient consultations; check-ups; follow-up consultations provided for in the treatment plan or requested additionally
  • Teleconsultation: remote medical consultation for both medical advice and a Second Opinion.
medicina del lavoro

Paideia offers the following occupational medical services both at the hospital and at the company premises:

  • Appointment of a company physician
  • Periodic check-ups pursuant to Leg. Decree 81/08
  • Pre-employment check-ups
  • Pre-departure check-ups
  • Assessment of occupational risks
  • Choice of Health and Safety Officer (HSO)
corsi di formazione

Paideia organises training courses on occupational health and safety.

Under Leg. Decree 81/08, in-company employee training and information courses are compulsory, and are delivered by the company physician or the HSO.

There are also additional ancillary courses

for employees on health and safety.

carta famiglia

Paideia offers discounts for the families of employees of companies that have a special agreement for Occupational Medicine or Check-up Services.

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