General Surgery


General surgery involves surgery on the organs of the abdomen: stomach, oesophagus, intestine, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, kidney and adrenal gland. 

Paideia International Hospital employs highly-qualified surgeons, state-of-the-art technology and a trained multidisciplinary team. The aim is to offer patients surgery performed by some of the best and most experienced professionals using the best available technology.

For some, surgery can be an extremely invasive experience for the mind and body. This is precisely why our surgeons’ experience ensures that minimally invasive surgery is the first choice in treating various benign and malignant disorders that affect the viscera and intra-abdominal organs:

The general surgery unit at Paideia

Our treatment pathways go from diagnosis to post-operative follow-up, thanks to the coordination of our services and physicians of all specialisms, which guarantees a complete treatment cycle.

Bearing in mind that a patient may exhibit several pathologies at the same time, we have developed a multidisciplinary team that monitors and treats any additional medical conditions, e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and vascular diseases in addition to those that require surgery.

Our goal is not only to treat the disease but to minimise pain, minimise scarringreduce hospitalisation time and allow a return to normal life as quickly as possible.

Our outpatient service and home care is provided by the same team of physicians, ensuring continuity of care even after discharge.

At Paideia International Hospital, day-hospitalscheduled and emergency surgeries are performed in operating theatres equipped with the very latest technology: 4K, motorised suture, ultrasound, or advanced bipolar bipolar radiofrequency energy tools.

There is a post-operative intensive care unit for monitoring patients who have undergone delicate operations.

Oncological surgery

We offer the most modern oncological diagnostic tools that guarantee the best pre-operative diagnosis.

Collaboration between surgeons and oncologists ensures the best treatment according to the guidelines for oncological diseases involving the abdominal region.

The main oncological diseases that are treated are:

Non-oncological surgery

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