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The department features the very latest equipment and is staffed by highly-qualified professional teams

Home visits by guaranteed and qualified professionals

Paideia offers home healthcare services. Paideia’s home-based services are a convenient solution offering personalised services in compliance with the clinic’s high quality standards.

Paideia’s home services are available for non-Coronavirus related diseases. Doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, individual care plans, diagnostics, test samples, X-rays and more are available 24/7.

In order to offer comprehensive management of all types of care, Paideia brings all the essentials to the patients’ home, from drugs to the instruments required to treat the condition in the best way possible. All of our specialists are trained and experienced in home care and are able to respond to every health need. To offer a secure service, every home visit is tracked. This means that in the event of complications, the hospital is able to take immediate action to support the patient.


Paideia’s home care is open to all patients who are in need of urgent and temporary treatment, people with chronic or degenerative conditions and in-patients who have been discharged (post-acute care/supported discharge).


Paideia also provides home care for patients with particularly complex clinical cases that require more than one type of treatment and the coordination of various health care practitioners in an integrated Individual Care Plan (ICP), which is vital for promoting the patient’s health and well-being. The medical director of the service, together with the senior nurse, carefully organises every detail of the Care Plan: assessment, screening, medication, prescriptions and all the material needed to provide the treatment.

The Personalised Care Plan is periodically re-defined in response to changes in the patient’s health, for which a preliminary and final care report is drawn up.

Home healthcare services


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