Intensive Care


Organisation and operation of the Intensive Care Unit

Paideia International Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit has 5 beds, equipped with the most modern and advanced mechanical ventilation systems, multi-parameter monitoring tools, integrated infusion pumps, etc. 

The patient’s admission to the ICU can be scheduled thanks to a careful 

perioperative risk assessment by the anaesthetist during the preanaesthesia examination, or instability of varying degrees, etc., or may be necessary for emergencies/urgent care, varying degrees of instability, etc. 

The Intensive Care Unit is managed 24/7 by anaesthetist resuscitators and professional intensive care nurses. 

Admission to intensive care aims to stabilise the cardio-respiratory system, provide support in the case of organ failure, artificial nutrition (parenteral or enteral) and control infection, by means of targeted actions, advanced treatments and 

highly-specialised procedures. 

The anaesthetist resuscitator also implants devices for medium- to long-term treatment (Port-a-Cath, PICC, CICC, FICC, Midline, etc.) and performs ultra-specialised treatments for pain management. 

Decisions are made collectively through discussions with all the specialists involved in intensive care: surgeons, infectious disease specialists, cardiologists, radiologists, neurologists, internists, haematologists. 

Even in intensive care, ERAS protocols (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) are followed in most cases: early mobilisation and nutrition, management of post-operative pain and nausea, etc. 

Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 8 pm
Saturdays: 8 am -2 pm
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