Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


Reconstructive plastic surgery reconstructs damaged or missing body parts. This specialist surgery applies to patients who suffer trauma, malformations, tumours or the treatment of complications following other surgical procedures.

The main reconstructive plastic surgery procedures

Among others, it is used in post-oncological breast reconstruction (in an attempt to restore the shape and size of the breast following cancer treatment), in the treatment of hand and limb trauma, in abdominal wall reconstruction, in the treatment of chronic wounds as well as in facial trauma, or in cutaneous and subcutaneous oncology or the treatment of ulcerative complications in patients with myeloma. Reconstructive plastic surgery is also used in post-bariatric surgery and regenerative medicine.

Breast reconstruction

Robot-assisted surgery is the new frontier in minimally invasive surgery. This does not refer to surgery performed by a robot, but a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery performed and directed by experienced surgeons. The Da Vinci Xi Robot ensures precision of surgical movements that goes beyond the possibilities of any other technique.

Hand and limb surgery

Includes the set of procedures for treating the main disorders affecting the limbs, which may be caused by trauma, malformation or a degenerative disease, including:

Abdominal wall reconstruction

All procedures aimed at restoring continuity and continence of the abdominal wall following surgery, pregnancy or morbid obesity.

Chronic wounds

Chronic wounds are defined as all those losses of substance that fail to heal spontaneously and can be the result of trauma, complicating surgery, as a consequence of bed rest, spinal cord injury or metabolic diseases.

These include:

Cutaneous and subcutaneous oncology

All procedures aimed at diagnosing and treating cancers involving the skin (e.g. melanoma, epitheliomas) or the subcutaneous tissue and underlying structures (sarcomas), with total or partial removal of the tumour and, where necessary, reconstruction by means of flaps or grafts.

Post-bariatric surgery

Includes the set of procedures necessary to restore body shape following major weight loss, mostly as a result of bariatric surgery.

These include:

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is a set of procedures aimed at improving degenerative diseases using autologous material (PRP or lipofilling).

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