Simultaneous Bilateral Hip Prosthesis: Benefits and Recovery Time

Protesi d’Anca Bilaterale Simultanea-Vantaggi e Tempi di Recupero

Simultaneous Bilateral Hip Prosthesis Surgery is a surgical option that, when applicable, presents multiple advantages for the patient. Starting with the benefit of undergoing only one surgery, and therefore, only one anesthesia and one rehabilitation period. We discuss this procedure with Dr. Stefano Zanasi, orthopedic surgeon at the Paideia International Hospital.

What are the benefits of bilateral hip prosthesis surgery?

In addition to the advantage of a single surgical time, there is the recovery time of the patient’s quality of life, which usually occurs within 3 months instead of the traditional 16-18 months.

How soon can one walk again?

A specific characteristic of a bilateral implant is that it can bear weight on the day of surgery itself, which can be combined with the use of braces in the first few days. Moreover, it minimizes the potential complications of a surgical procedure. Within a few days, the patient regains a new way of walking. In fact, the center of gravity is restored to a functional position, relieving all overloads that have occurred at the lumbosacral junction and knee levels.

Is this a highly specialized surgery?

The fundamental surgical approach is associated with special implants using minimally invasive surgical techniques, and no muscle bundle is detached. These are high-performance prostheses with very short stems that require high specialization. Furthermore, only in highly specialized centers, with dedicated operating rooms, can the patient be assured of the procedural safety. Starting with the specific anesthetic approach, the treatment allows modulation of the anesthesia duration so that the patient can fully bear weight two hours after the surgery.

Learn more about simultaneous bilateral hip replacement with Dr. Stefano Zanasi.

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