Allergology and Clinical Immunology


It is estimated that about 10 million people in Italy suffer from allergies, i.e. about 20% of the population. Furthermore, allergies are the third leading cause of chronic disease after osteoporosis/arthritis and hypertension (source: Istat). Therefore, allergy testing examinations are an essential step to excludediagnose or monitor allergy-related conditions.

At Paideia International Hospital’s outpatient clinic, we offer specialist immunology and allergology tests such as skin and epicutaneous allergometric tests. We also diagnose and treat Rhinitis, asthma, urticaria, gluten intolerance and nickel allergy. 


Allergology: Paideia’s specialist consultations

Paideia International Hospital works with experts in Precision Medicine who provide diagnostic and treatment strategies tailored to the patient and, therefore, aimed at the individual, and personalised treatment of allergic and immunological diseases. 

Patients, after an initial specialist examination, are started on a targeted series of services including diagnostic tests, possible ultrasound examinationsspirometry and respiratory functiontests, customised nutritional counselling with measurements of parameters to assess significant alterations in intestinal balance and microbiota composition. All these tests come before any possible compensating treatment and customised changes in diet. 

Main conditions treated by the Allergology unit:

Personalised medicine for immunology

Personalised medicine, by replacing the “general nature” of the classical clinical approach with a “patient-centred” approach, is adevelopment of classical medicine. 

Based on characterisation of the individual at the molecular level, personalised medicine strategies aim to identify preventive and/or treatment strategies that best suit the patient’s “unique” metabolic traits. The added value of these practices lies in delivering an individual risk profile that is objectively assessed on the individual patient and not deduced exclusively from epidemiological data. 

Therefore, predicting the most probable clinical course of each patient’s specific disease with a close approximation undoubtedly leads to a better treatment approach and a reduction in healthcare expenditure due to a more effective treatment

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