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Paideia International Hospital offers a clinical dietetics service aimed at maintaining and improving the state of health, understood as complete psychological, physical and social well-being.

In addition to excess weight and obesity, many diseases are diet-related, such as food intolerances, type II diabetes, migraines, hyperuricemia, dyslipidemia, and many others.

Dietetics, main conditions treated:


In addition to metabolic syndromes, a dietetic examination is also recommended in particular physiological cases:

Specialist dietetic consultation


Dietetics: diagnostic procedures


Treatment of overweight and obesity with the dietary service

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle model that combines proper nutrition with a non-sedentary lifestyle. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet in preventing neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Particularly indicated in developmental stages such as childhood and adolescence, which is an optimal period for promoting and maintaining a general state of good health.

Ketogenic diet

This is a therapeutic diet regimen that imitates fasting and is more effective than more traditional low-calorie diets in particular clinical cases. It is a therapeutic intervention that requires qualified and in-depth expertise, which ensures safe and effective treatment in the short and long term.


In combination with dietary intervention, pharmacological treatments are available that are helpful in promoting weight loss,helping to stick to the diet and maintain a healthy weight post weight loss.

Bariatric endoscopy

Intra-gastric balloon treatment is a minimally invasive and temporary procedure that induces weight loss effectively and safely.

Bariatric surgery

This is the gold standard of treatment for morbid obesity, offering the patient maximum effectiveness in terms of weight loss and treating comorbidities, compared to other treatments available today. However, it requires preparation and follow-up supervised by a dietician in order to reduce pre-operative and anaesthesia complication rates and to reduce the likelihood of post-surgical re-intervention.

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