Surgical examination


At Paideia International Hospital, we offer surgical examinations for all specialities. The specialist will request a surgical examination to diagnose the possible existence of pathologies whose treatment requires surgery.

The job of the surgeon is either to confirm the diagnosis made by their colleague or request further investigations in order to achieve the most precise picture of the clinical situation as possible and made recommendations for surgery where necessary.

Surgical examination: what does it involve?

The surgical examination is just like a general medical consultation but focusing on the suspicion indicated by the referring specialist. Initially, the surgeon performs an anamnesis (discussion of the patient’s medical history). With reference to the suspected pathology, the surgeon focuses on previous diseases, past surgeries, family history of specific diseases and current drug treatments.

In a second stage, the patient undergoes an objective examination, during which the surgeon checks the health of the main systems (from the heart to the lungs) and their probable reaction to a possible surgical procedure.

The focus is then on the specific problem that is the subject of the examination, after which the surgeon may recommend surgery or rule out the need if they have found no health issue. If necessary, in the event that the examination has failed to provide certain information on the patient’s state of health, the physician may arrange further investigations.

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