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Sports medicine and traumatology

Paideia International Hospital’s SportClinique is one of the leading sports medicine and 24-hour sports trauma clinics in Rome, offering the services of professionals with proven experience in sports medicine and guaranteeing optimum health for athletes with specialist examinations, competitive and non-competitive sports fitness examinations, competitive and non-competitive sports fitness tests, orthopaedic surgery and post-trauma and post-surgery rehabilitation.

The SportClinique offers athletes and sports clubs a highly specialised reference for resolving sports-related problems with the issue of fitness certificates, a 24-hour specialist on-call service, preferential diagnostic paths and state-of-the-art surgical techniques, as well as customised rehabilitation programmes.

The SportClinique guarantees athletes a speedy return to competitive activity thanks to early intervention by specialists in sports trauma and state-of-the-art imaging technology.

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The principal qualities of the SportClinique are rapid diagnosis and solutions, 24/7 specialist care and professionalism.

Fitness Assessments for Competitive and Non-Competitive Sports

24/7 Trauma Centre

Orthopaedics — Orthopaedic Surgery

Post Trauma and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Dietology and Sports Nutrition

Injection Treatments and Growth Factors

Detailed Diagnostics

Management of Medical Coverage For Sporting Events

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Emergencies at night or on national holidays
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