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Paideia International Hospital offers state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced sequences in the field of diagnostic imaging.


Diagnostic Imaging




The DISCOVERY MI PET-CT is a digital PET/CT scan that studies tumours using high-quality images of tumours and reduced doses of radio-pharmaceuticals. The DISCOVERY MI PET-CT system features: 

The DISCOVERY MI PET/CT is a combined tool for second-stage examinations. It uses the CT scan X-ray emissions to analyse tissue morphology and the PET scan activity to analyse tissue metabolism and physiology, thus locating the tumour and calculating its size and possible presence of disease in other parts of the body.

The PET/CT scan uses a  digital detector that offers very high sensitivity and excellent spatial resolution, i.e. high-quality images even for very small lesions. This technology reduces both examination times and the dose of radio pharmaceuticals required.

The DISCOVERY MI uses Q. CLEAR for enhanced images via an algorithm with 25 interactions that acts on the increase in signal-to-noise ratio and Q. FREEZE, which eliminates the patient motion artifacts from respiratory motion and heartbeat.



The Gamma Camera (SPECT) NM 830 is a machine used in nuclear medicine to acquire scintigraphic images for visualising the distribution in the body of radioactivity from drugs injected into the patient.

The NM 830 Gamma Camera features:

The Gamma camera is used in oncology, sports medicine, cardiology; bone, renal and thyroid scintigraphy. For doctors, the system is equipped with the SmartConsole, a tool that allows scans to be viewed remotely. You can change the processing settings and start the clinical processing at any time. For example, doctors can view a full-body bone scan directly on their device and define the required scan interval limits from wherever they happen to be. This transition to digital workflow allows examinations to be completed more quickly.



Revolution CT

The Revolution 512-slice CT is a state-of-the-art, quasi non-invasive, fast and accurate CT scan. It examines any organ in the body in just 0.28 seconds, and is almost entirely non-invasive, thus increasing patient comfort:

The Revolution Apex CT scan investigates any anatomical portion in reduced time with high patient comfort. This CT is equipped with a post-processing system that provides a wide range of clinical applications, such as automated and functional study of the heart, colon and liver analysis, vascular studies, oncological follow-up, etc.

Spectral Imaging is an acquisition technique that is only possible with certain CT scans, which is why they are called Spectral CT, and consists of capturing the same anatomical portion using different energy levels of X-rays, in particular at 80 kV and 140 kV voltage.

The comparative study of the two different energies increases the radiologist’s ability to characterise in particular cancer lesions.


3.0T Magnetic Resonance Imaging


The Ingenia Elition 3.0T X is a revolutionary 3-Tesla MRI in terms of quality and performs diagnostic examinations up to 50% faster.  

The Elition 3.0T X MRI features: 

Patient positioning is facilitated by the VitalScreen system, which provides guidance and information on which coil to use and the duration of the examination also based on the physiological signal (ECG). Ambient Experience mode improves patient comfort by setting lighting, sounds and visual elements in the tunnel during the examination, ensuring a relaxing sensory experience.

Also suitable for people suffering from obesity  –


1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Ingenia Ambition 1.5T X is a helium-free 1.5 Tesla MRI that processes high-quality images even with patients presenting technical challenges and performs examinations at a higher speed.

The Ambition 1.5T X MRI features:

From the moment the patient enters the scanning machine until the end of the examination, the In-Bore Connect solution helps the patient to relax, follow instructions and minimise movement. The revolutionary VitalEye system detects the patient’s physiological signals with close monitoring by means of touchless sensing. The quality of the physiological signal is significantly improved as compared to the respiratory sensor approach. The operator receives a continuous and strong respiratory signal without any interaction.

– Also suitable for people suffering from obesity –



The Selenia Dimension is a state-of-the-art mammography machine for breast cancer screening. The first mammography machine to offer breast tomosynthesis technology with 2D and 3D image reconstruction including examinations with contrast medium.

The mammography machine features:

Even faster procedures:

  • Tomosynthesis in 3.7 seconds
  • Biopsy in less than 13 minutes
  • Easier and faster 2D and 3D stereotactic procedures
  • Improved patient comfort



Da Vinci Xi

The Da Vinci is the most advanced robotic system for minimally invasive surgery. Its technical features allow the robot to be used in various fields, fromurology to gynaecology, from thoracic surgery to general surgery.




The Mako is the most advanced robotic system for minimally invasive orthopaedic prosthetic surgery. It features: accuracy, precision and reproducibility of surgical actions.

The innovative Mako system is particularly recommended in degenerative joint diseases of the knee, such as arthrosis and osteoarthritis, due to age and family history.

It allows maximum precision of the prosthesis according to the individual patient’s particular anatomy, balanced ligamentous tension of the joint, cartilage thickness, orientation, sliding and coupling between prosthetic components. The robotic arms allows the surgeon to reproduce on the patient the actions programmed in the software with extreme precision, eliminating manual error.



Paideia International Hospital is equipped with 7 operating theatres, 2 of which are used for endoscopy procedures. All operating theatres are equipped with laminar flow ventilation, which reduces the bacterial load in the surgical site and on the operating table to almost nil.

These two vast operating theatres (80m2 and 100m2) easily accommodate simultaneous robot-assisted surgery and operating teams in maximum comfort and safety.

Equipped with the latest technology, the operating theatres are also connected in real time with Paideia International Hospital’s in-house analysis laboratory, ensuring the surgeon can obtain immediate information, where required.

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Automated Pharmacy

Paideia International Hospital’s in-house pharmacy is equipped with a fully automated drug management service thanks to the BD ROWA VMAX, a computerised drug storage and dispensing system.  

This system has the following advantages:  

Thanks to the pneumatic post system, medicines are dispensed to requesting wards even more quickly and directly. The computerised drug administration cabinets and trolleys in the in-patient and emergency wards guarantee increased safety for the patient during preparation and administration of treatment.

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