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Paideia International Hospital is a time machine. We have brought the healthcare of the future into present day. Whilst never losing sight of our roots, our tradition and our values. Our story began decades ago, in the heart of northern Rome, and over time we have become a point of reference for the entire city.

Paideia was founded in Rome in the 1960s as a modern healthcare facility for children and, in the 1970s, it expanded its horizons to become a leading surgical facility with highly specialised doctors. But it was in the 2000s that Paideia had its first breakthrough, when it was transformed from a clinic into a private hospital, increasing its specialisations and combining research with innovation, highly-skilled doctors and greater focus on patients' needs.

Our continuous growth is motivated by the constant desire to offer the very best and to guarantee excellence. Today, our journey has led us to the establishment of Paideia International Hospital, an entirely private hospital, which serves as a new model of private healthcare in Italy.


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Our mission is to help and support everyone to protect their health.

So that no one ever becomes a patient. Because health is a precious asset and our aim is to protect it.

And to do so, we are committed to supporting you and always being by your side. And if the going gets tough, it is still our job to make it less difficult and help you reach your destination.

Always being there for you is our mission.


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Health is your most important asset. Because protecting your health means protecting your dreams, plans and loved ones.

And we want to do this to the best of our ability. By providing our customers with healthcare excellence from around the world. We care about your health, we care about your stories.

Our team of professionals at Paideia International Hospital is committed to taking responsibility for the health needs of their patients, starting with listening.

Because anyone who enters Paideia International Hospital becomes part of our big family.




Via G. Fabbroni 6 – 00191 Rome (Italy)

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