Total knee replacement

Protesi totale di ginocchio - Paideia International Hospital

Knee prostheses are increasingly used to restore patients’ quality of life. At the Paideia International Hospital in Rome, the procedure is performed using an innovative technique. We ask Marco Bove, orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee and hip prosthetic surgery, to explain it.

How does this innovative knee prosthesis technique differ from the traditional one?

Compared to the traditional technique, this method has three advantages: it allows for excellent prosthesis positioning, saves bone tissue, and significantly reduces blood loss.

What are the benefits for the patient?

For the patient, the benefits of this technique are seen both immediately and in the short term. Immediately after the procedure, often within four hours, the patient can move and bend the knee to 90-100° and stand up because the knee is stable. Additionally, they can walk with crutches in the hallway. Furthermore, due to reduced blood loss, the knee appears dry, stable, and pain-free. Within a few days, they can return home, continue with physiotherapy sessions, and experience minimal pain. After only 20 days, when the patient returns for check-ups, they can walk with one crutch, often without, and have almost complete articulation.

Is this a frequently performed procedure at Paideia?

Yes, in the past two years, we have performed almost 400 procedures with great satisfaction from both ourselves and the patients, enabling many to return to sports activities. This technique proves to be a step forward compared to the traditional one.

Learn more about total knee replacement with Dr. Marco Bove.

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